10 convincing reasons to join our affiliate skincare program

If you’re a Bedrock fan and get what our products can do, let us put you on the payroll! 

Our best Bedrock affiliate perks for YOU include:

  1. You get paid a $5 flat fee for every new customer you send over - no fancy math equations or percentages to figure out. If you broke down our $5 commission into a percentage, it’s higher than other brands - that’s 33% commission on Freshstick, 22% commission on Porefector and 21% commission on Bedrock Balm.
  2. Our payments are automated via paypal so they go directly into your bank account.
  3. We pay on the 1st of the month so you know exactly when you’ll be paid.

Why it’s easy to sell Bedrock products:

  1. Bedrock products are wallet-friendly, all priced under $25. 
  2. You can save your fans 10% with your custom code and they’ll get free USA shipping too.
  3. It’s easy to talk about Bedrock products every month (or every week) because they are so multipurpose. You can talk about annoying skin irritations that pop up (a cold sore one day, a bike scrape another day, razor burn another day) that relate to your daily life and how you are using our Bedrock products to soothe and solve it.
  4. Bedrock products are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA.
  5. Bedrock products are sustainable with curbside recyclable envelopes, glass jars and biodegradable push-up tubes.
  6. Bedrock products are made for family sharing - they are gender neutral and kid-friendly.
  7. Bedrock products are concentrated and waterless, which means they last a long time and save your fans money.

To apply to our Bedrock skincare affiliate program, please click here