Bedrock Balm is back in stock!

Thank you for your patience. Bedrock Balm is back, better than ever.

Bedrock Balm seems to be our strong-willed child, a force of nature with a mind of her own. After the first batch, we helped her go vegan in 2019, but the texture was too firm. In 2020, we increased the grapeseed oil and decreased the zinc to make it softer. Now in May 2021, we bumped the zinc back up, took the grapeseed oil back to the original level and decreased the sunflower wax. I think you’ll love it!

Tips for happy summer skin:

  • Calm cranky, overexposed, itchy or red skin with the Balm

  • Don’t forget the Balm when you camp, hike or bike!

  • Try the Balm as an overnight night cream once a week if your complexion is dull or tired

  • Bedrock overnight on rough heels or elbows (for best results, do it for a week)

Stock up on Bedrock Balm here.

Let the good times roll,



P.S. Bedrock Balm is the perfect host gift when visiting family. It also prevents family skincare jealousy or mystery swiping when you leave (and can’t find it when you get home).