Boils on her Bum

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This is a wild skin story from Cassy in New York City:

"Earlier in the month I got these horrible boils on my bum, I believe it’s from a staph infection unfortunately. I wasn’t putting anything on it, just kept it covered and cleaned it everyday. When I started to notice it was healing, I put Bedrock Balm on them and I can’t tell you the amazing difference it has made.

It stopped all the pain so I didn't need to cover them anymore. One of the boils was  about to pop (like the others did and then eventually heal) but I put the Balm on it and it seems like it’s just going down on it’s own.

The band-aids gave me a huge red rash around where they were stuck on my skin and it was super irritated, I put Bedrock Balm on it and right away it stopped hurting. It’s honestly magical and I’m sooooo thankful.” —Cassandra