Boomshakalaka | skin care startup story

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I just had the closest call. Porefector almost became discontinued before my eyes.

Porefector was due for a re-order, but when I received the lab quote, the minimum quantity was over 5,000 jars. Bedrock is a baby brand and we can’t sell that kind of volume yet. Since I won’t sell you anything but fresh, I was in a major pickle--the $25,000 kind.

I did the only thing I could: begged for mercy.

Please, I said. 

On behalf of PMS breakouts, shiny t-zones, unruly pores and stubborn blemishes, reconsider. If you can’t make the minimum order size smaller, I cannot reorder Porefector. Porefector will die.

I tried not to think of your tears. I tried not to think about my own face.

Thankfully, my lab made an exception and Porefector will live on, at least another year.

Facing good times,