What I learned from my skincare startup

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When I first began Bedrock, I decided to personally message all of my 832 LinkedIn contacts and let them know about my new baby, Bedrock.

I am not kidding.

I spent 30 days (four entire weeks) messaging my colleagues from years past, asking for their snail-mail address and catching up. I wrote, designed, printed, hand-addressed and mailed this card to hundreds of my contacts that were willing to part with their personal address for this mystery “birth” announcement. 

I wrote this birth announcement just like it was my third child (my friends were SO faked out), and once they opened it, it was not a real baby, it was a glass jar with creamy botanicals and zinc oxide. 

Hundreds of dollars and a month later, I cashed in on five sales. 


Fast forward to last night. A salesman from Full Circle Farms knocked on our door during dinner time. I politely said no but told him my sister was a happy customer. I went back to dish-washing, mulling over how brave you must be for door-to-door sales and thinking maybe that’s what growing Bedrock would take.

I thought, maybe I’ll make a postcard instead. No knocking, just a postcard taped to a thousand doors. I’m not interrupting dinner, I’m just sharing my skin-fix, right?

So I wrote it up.


[how could you not flip that over!!]

The back says: She got a raging armpit rash and then did something about it.

Then I talk about about pesky patches of eczema, random rashes, and other annoying skin irritations that Bedrock can soothe.

What do you think? Do you know what your neighbors are up to? Do you think the postcard will work? Is this a waste of time?

My grassroots girl needs to know! Drop us a line at hello@bedrockskin.com.

P.S. - what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a sale?