Why we can't be fancy

I’m sure you’ve seen really expensive products that seem to scream “I’m important. I’m exclusive. I’m luxurious. Buy me and be fancy.”

Sometimes, that little voice talks to me too.

It says, Rachel, your prices are too low. If you tripled the price, and Bedrock Balm was $69, your stuff could be fancy too.

I have to shut that voice up because we can’t be fancy.

Bedrock Balm helps hemorrhoids and softens calloused, cracked heels.

Porefector tackles clogged pores and pesky pimples.

Freshstick is on the front lines fighting odor.

Our brand is practical. Hardworking. Scrappy. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. We might be industrious but we're very ambitious. We plan to dominate barrier skin care and leave little waste behind.

But we don’t need to double prices to prove anything.

I think Bedrock customers are the savviest out there. You know a good thing. You don’t pay extra. You expect it to work hard. And you love it for life.

To have and to hold,


P.S. Bedrock Balm sold out but more is coming early May. I’ll keep you posted.

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