How It All Started

It was our California anniversary getaway weekend. I wanted to be fun and flirty. Instead, I felt like ripping my armpits out. I had a raging rash and NOTHING would fix it. The pain provoked me to quit shaving and ditch deodorant. Definitely not romance in the air.

In a flash of desperation, I thought of zinc oxide. After I tried it, my armpits were calm. Then I sniffed myself.

The stench was gone.

weekend bedrock zinc centered skin care was born
the Cali weekend that it all started
Rachel Wernet Bedrock Zinc skin care
Bedrock was born

Bedrock Was Born

I was instantly hooked and wanted to create toxin-free zinc products to get those amazing ions in ALL of my skin care.  

But after my epiphany, I did absolutely nothing. For months, I pushed the idea away and told myself it would be great for later.

The idea just wouldn't leave me alone, so I finally started contacting labs. It took over a year of starts, stops and stalls, but eventually, Bedrock was born.

Zinc Is Our All-Star

As a mom, I seem to find endless ways to use Bedrock:  dry itchy skin, razor burn, random rashes, kids’ cuts and scrapes, cracked lips, cuticles, toe funk, PMS pores, bug bites, ingrown hairs and more.

I’m not your typical beauty maven or cosmetics connoisseur and it’s better that way.

Zinc is our all-star and I’m just the talent agent.  

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Elementally yours,


Rachel Wernet family Bedrock Zinc skin care
my family (and Bedrock testers)

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