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No nasty ingredients allowed. Typical zinc oxide creams have 15-25% zinc oxide, just like us. The comparison ends there. Generic zinc products can have a mix of cetostearyl alcohol, cetomacrogol 1000, liquid paraffin, mineral oil, white wax or vaseline petrolatum, titanium dioxide, steareth-20, colloidal sulfur, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, bentonite, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben or propylparaben. We include none of those. We also always list the zinc oxide percentage on every product.

microscope quality assurance process bedrock cream

No rookie kitchen formulas. Our USA manufacturing lab has chemists, compounders, certified cosmetic formulators, researchers and quality assurance specialists that formulate, test and produce our products.

We have a seven-day quality assurance process to verify consistency in color, viscosity, scent, pH and confirm there is no microbial bacteria, yeast or mold. We analyze for look, feel and smell. We require a certificate of analysis and a safety data sheet on every ingredient. Our USDA certified organic ingredients are quarantined in a specific warehouse area to maintain purity.

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No synthetically manufactured scents. We use 100% natural, fractional distilled plant materials.

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Small batch freshness.  Because we small-batch production, your item isn’t sitting on a shelf for months before you get it. Our products are created on demand, which is why if we sell out, give us a little time to make more.

forest fair trade oriented bedrock zinc centered skin care

Cruelty-free and fair trade oriented. We make it a top priority to source ingredients from vendors who are fair trade minded, have a sustainability plan, provide non-GMO ingredients, and are conscious of biodegradability and preservation. We make every effort to be transparent with our customers.

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Peace of mind. Our power products are specifically suited to work out beauty dilemmas so you can relax. Our concentrated collection has powerful micronutrient minerals that refresh and revive your skin.

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Owned and operated in Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Agros Honduras landscape

Purpose driven. Giving back is part of our business plan. We’ve made an up-front commitment to financially support two Honduran villages with micro-loans, health services, education and farming expertise.

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