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Zinc: Metal. Micronutrient. Marvelous.

When we say down to earth, we mean it. Zinc is an elemental metal from our earth’s crust that has been used over 2,000 years.

Zinc is not only in rock and soil, but water, air and the biosphere.  It’s also in every single cell in your body, and more than 300 enzymes need it to function. Skin cells especially love zinc’s powerful properties—the top layer of your skin is concentrated with up to six times more than lower layers.

sample zinc use in Bedrock skin cream

Hello ZnO.

Zinc goes from rock to powder when you mix mined zinc with oxygen in high heat. The zinc vapors react and end up as a fine white powder.

Hello formula ZnO.


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We're obcessed with Zinc Oxide because:

  • It doesn’t dissolve in water.

    Zinc Oxide stays on top of skin, so that ingredients like Vitamin E and Organic Olive Fruit Oil can sink in while zinc locks it in.

  • It calms imperfections.

    Zinc Oxide helps clean and clarify impurities, while the astringent properties act as a natural drying agent, helping soak up excess oils.

  • It’s proactive in the sun.

    Mainstream chemical sunscreens filter out damaging rays by absorbing into skin, but zinc oxide blocks on top, skipping any possible irritation. It also works immediately. Plus, it’s safe for babes.

  • It saves you time for life-on-the-go.

    Our workaholic trace mineral comforts tender skin, scrapes, and bumps with barrier protection. It's multipurpose so you have a one-stop solution to smooth razor burn, chafing, rashes, ingrown hairs and so much more.

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