$10 Freshstick sale ends Friday!

This launch party can’t go forever, especially one that saves you 33%.

We know some of you are on the fence, waiting to hear if Freshstick, our zinc oxide deodorant works.

Well, it’s officially a yes. We have a 5-star clean deodorant frenzy going on with over 50 reviews (96% 5-star) that said things like:

Hormones and heat: I’m a new mama and have almost resorted back to the clinical stuff because my postpartum hormonal BO has been awful! I tried Freshstick and I am in shock. NO BODY ODOR DETECTED. I tested it for 3 straight days and it lasted through the 95 degree Oklahoma heat! - Taylor

Camping for 5 days: This is the first clean deodorant I have found which really works. I just spent five days camping with no access to showers and was BO free the whole time which is a testimony to how incredibly effective Freshstick is. - Christina

Outdoor adventure: I spent a whole day kayaking in the 90 degree heat for 4+ hours and no smell! It goes on so light and un-noticeable I keep checking my pits because I'm just in shock of the no stink. - Ashley

High temps: I have been using Freshstick for almost two weeks, including through our rare stretch of 100+ degree days last week. I did not have to reapply. I did not get any rash or bumps. I did not smell. - Christa

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Summer til the last drop,


P.S. procrastinator fine print: sale ends 11:59PM PST 9/4/20.