Blemish control cream | Porefector

Knock out blemishes and clean pores with our powerful 4-in-1 spot corrector, Porefector. Our pore minimizer cream is the best product to shrink pores, detox pores and dry up blemishes so your complexion is brimming with confidence.

Highly efficacious with 30% zinc oxide, our pore refining cream works like a drying lotion. It improves tone and texture so skin looks clean, fresh and flawless. Our natural formula contains organic borage seed oil, tamanu oil, moringa seed oil, arrowroot tapioca, and clary sage to soothe redness and minimize imperfections without stripping or drying your skin.

Our zinc pimple cream does not contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and is gentle for sensitive skin.

Porefector was made for oily prone skin, large pores, blackheads on nose, blackheads on chin, pores on nose, hair bumps, redness on face and a bumpy complexion.

The best way to get rid of blackheads and shrink pores is to use Porefector every night before bed. Don't forget -- Porefector is a great anti shine cream to mattify and whisk extra oil away.