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Is your skin upset? Do you have red, dry or itchy spots? Are blemishes clouding your complexion?

Zinc Oxide is our mineral miracle and we’re OBSESSED with how it gets skin happy again.

Help us put these ions to work.


I have Bedrocked (it's now a verb in my house) all the things I used to Neosporin; in fact, I won't Neosporin ever again.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Porefector!! Just went through an acne "purge" from glycolic acid and it saved me! I am now a Bedrock believer.


I love this balm. I suffer from eczema and this stuff helps moisturize my skin so it can heal.


I tried Porefector for TWO days on acne that has been stubborn for weeks now. The difference is crazy, what is this sorcery?! Magic.


I am finally able to ditch the steroid cream prescribed by my doctor. I apply Bedrock Balm at night and the redness is cleared up the next morning.


This stuff is a miracle in a jar.


A little goes a looooong way.


I never go to bed at night without putting it on Porefector. I LOVE IT!!


I've been using the balm on my son's very bumpy cheeks – keratosis pilaris (aka: chicken skin). It feels like a miracle! His sweet cheeks are finally soft.


This is truly the best spot treatment I've used for my acne. I seriously would have a breakout and put it on before bed, then wake up with it TOTALLY GONE! I can't recommend it enough.


My son suffers from hives, plaques, and angioedema. Bedrock Balm helps him get through these bouts by soothing the angry skin and lessening the discomfort.


I use Porefector daily, especially before I workout. It has definitely kept my skin from breakouts due to being sweaty.


Bedrock Balm is a must have for my first aid kit at home.


I used Porefector just 2 nights in a row and my skin already started to look better!


The spots on my hand and my scars have lightened up and I have only been using the balm for a couple of weeks.

Megan L

I really love it (and kind of hoard it) just as a straight up everyday balm for myself. Glorious.


I'm thrilled to find something that works quickly and effectively at banishing our rashes. Plus, bonus: it's not super greasy like other eczema treatments.


Love love love! Anytime I feel a blemish coming on it's Porefector to the rescue!


My daughter licks her lips, and gets red, dry skin around them. Bedrock fixes this issue quickly.


I'm hooked! Porefector is my go-to treatment for when any blemish appears and it works soooo well!


It's worth every penny!


I am in love! Porefector covers my redness perfectly and helps treat any blemishes I have at the moment.


I suffered from horrible tiny bumps all over my face (undergrounds?) and I couldn't be more impressed. It seriously saved my life!


Porefector went on smoothly and created a great base that made my pores look amazing under my foundation!


As a 40+ Mom with middle aged hormonal skin outbreaks (arrgg!!) and 2 teenage girls in the house, Porefector is a go-to product here for us all.


I bought Porefector for my daughter and she has seen a tremendous improvement in her acne. This has in turn improved her self-confidence and so I have a much happier 14 year old at home! My highest recommendation.

Toxin+Cruelty-free | Made in the USA

  • Grapeseed Oil

  • Rosehip Seed Oil

  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil

  • Lavender Flower Oil

  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

  • Zinc Oxide

  • Vitamin E

  • Lavender Flower Oil

  • Organic Calendula Flower

  • Roman Chamomile Flower Oil

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