About Us

It was our California anniversary getaway weekend. I wanted to be fun and flirty.

Instead, I felt like ripping my armpits out. I had a raging rash and NOTHING would fix it. The pain provoked me to quit shaving and ditch deodorant. Definitely not romance in the air.

In a flash of desperation, I randomly thought of zinc oxide to calm it and researched everything I could find on it.

I was instantly hooked and wanted those amazing ions in all my skincare. 

After several starts, stops and stalls, I finally emerged with a fast, no-fuss skin fix that was plant-based and powered by zinc oxide.

Bedrock was born.

As a mom, I can't live without Bedrock and find endless ways to use it:  razor burn, random rashes, kids’ cuts and scrapes, itchy butts, cracked lips, redness, shower hives, toe funk, PMS pores, bug bites, ingrown hairs and more.

I’m not your typical beauty maven or cosmetics connoisseur and it’s better that way.

Zinc is our all-star and I’m just the talent agent.  

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Elementally yours,