3 skincare hacks to get rid of red skin

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Tammy went OFF on this Bedrock Balm review, and if you read closely, you’ll notice 3 key tips she’s using Bedrock that aren’t often (or ever) discussed. 

Please take note:

“Seriously. I thought Bedrock Balm would be scammy or only slightly great. I now SWEAR by this. And it doesn’t take much out of the pot to cover anything. I mean anything. I had a rash in the worst of spots down south and when I woke up. Gone!! I’ve had this before and it lasted over a WEEK! I use it on my elbows every few days and it keeps them from looking like dog paws unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever tried. I’m also convinced it’s helping a gnarly scar I have fade! MUST TRY AND BUY 2!”

To recap: a rash down “there”, dry doggy paw elbows and scars.

Click here to buy Bedrock Balm, our natural rash treatment to soothe irritated skin. 

Keep calm and Balm on,


P.S. - did you know Bedrock went vegan? We’re using sunflower wax instead of beeswax now in our non-toxic skincare!