A peek at our performance review

I might be the Bedrock boss, but our bottom line knows the truth. You’re the one in charge.

We believe customers are the best advisors to any business, so it makes sense to take our performance review public. 

This is what we heard from you this year.

High Marks

Bedrock grew 100% online this year, even in a pandemic. Thank you.

Freshstick (our first batch ever) was a home run. We’ve converted folks that have tried ten other brands. We got cranky, itchy armpits on our side and they love us.

Best new use for Bedrock this year: maskne. Works like a charm for barrier protection under face masks and for the other stuff PPE does to irritate skin.

Emails. Our 20%+ open rates are higher than others because we don’t send boring newsletters that put you to sleep.

Low Marks | Improvement areas

Bedrock Balm was too firm. We reformulated to make it softer; zinc is now 14.5% and grapeseed oil got bumped up. The new Balm began shipping early December.

The Freshstick tube needs help. The kraft tube gets gunky and slides down. Our next tube is white with a short cap, hopefully fixing the problem. If not, we’ll reformulate.

Bubble-wrap. It’s gotta go. The bubble wrap in your mailers isn’t curbside recyclable, and neither is the wrap around Balms. We’ll switch to paper later this year.

Inventory. We’re out of Freshstick and Porefector until April-ish and that bites. We make small batches so products are super fresh for you. Will do our best to forecast better.

You all are SO NICE when you share the “needs to improve” stuff. Thanks for your grace!

Keep going, keep growing,


P.S. Happy new year!