All natural deodorant for kids

It's time. You can smell it from six feet away. Your kid needs deodorant. 

So what's your checklist for the PERFECT kids natural deodorant? You want a sustainable deodorant, a plant based deodorant, aluminum and paraben free deodorant, PLUS deodorant that actually works! Check, check and check. We've got you.

Freshstick is the safe deodorant for kids that you're looking for.

Freshstick is our mineral and matcha green tea baking soda free deodorant. The plant based skin care formula combats odor and impurities while matcha green tea and zinc oxide fight odor and bacteria to keep you fresh.

Our safest deodorant for tweens is formulated for sensitive skin and free of baking soda, aluminum, alcohols, fragrance, parabens and salts. Freshstick is a good deodorant for kids because it's also vegan, plastic-free and cruelty-free. 

Melody reviewed: "My girls are 15 and 9. They've sampled several types of natural deo and so far their favorite is Freshstick because it's soft, smells amazing, and WORKS! This is such a great way to introduce your young ones to a toxic free skincare product and one of the most important changes you can make."

Freshstick is the best natural deodorant for kids and you can buy it here.