All natural deodorant for men

Looking for a cruelty free men's deodorant? Even more, need men's sensitive deodorant? 

Meet Freshstick, our long lasting natural deodorant. Powered by zinc oxide and matcha green tea, this is a strong deodorant for sensitive skin.

Read what Bob from Seattle wrote in:

"I've tried no fewer than 10 mineral-based deodorants in the past couple of years... including the solid rock crystals, jars of paste and the mineral sprays. Some of them are kinda OK. Regrettably, all of them have some fatal flaw (for me at least.)

I even tried mixing my own concoction; which was a fail. I just started using Fresh Stick and it is exactly what I have been looking for -- super effective, an easy scent, and easy to apply. For guys who don't shave their pits, the application part is really important.

As I write this, I'm 14 hours out from three hours of kayaking in 78-degree weather... and not a hint of B.O. Seriously, this is a great product and I'm a customer for life."

There's no risk to buying our vegan deodorant for men - love it or get your money back. It's the best natural deodorant for sweat!