Armpit chafing rash? Best cream for itchy skin

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Stop itchy skin with our marathon barrier cream! Read this letter from Dianne.

Dear Rachel at Bedrock,

I was suffering from the worst armpit rash in the universe. It was so bad that at one point I had convinced myself that I had contracted scabies from shopping at my favorite San Francisco thrift store for vintage finds. My husband was convinced that I was a shaveaholic and switched my natural deodorants one too many times and possibly messed with my ph balance. 

It was terrible and I wanted so desperately for the rash to be gone that I tried everything: magnesium oil, calamine lotion, apple cider vinegar, nothing worked. I decided to stop wearing deodorant and shaving only once a week to help calm the area, but still the rash itched and burned like fire.

During the holidays, I went to a family gift exchange with my itchy armpits, trying not to get to close to anyone because I probably didn’t smell that great, when Bedrock Balm, a natural anti itch cream, came into my hands.

I was thrilled when I read that you created Bedrock after an armpit rash, but I was way too embarrassed to announce to the party that I had won the lottery ticket of gifts; because this meant I could finally wear deodorant again and shave my armpits!!

So I waited until I got in the truck to announce to my husband how secretly thrilled I was. We both were so excited.

Not only did Bedrock Balm work but it completely cured the rash within the very first few applications. The rash is totally gone now. It just goes to show the best medicine is always nature derived. 

I recently started using it on my face also. I have always had really dry skin and eczema around my nose area where I had stitches as a teenager on a wild surfing accident. It has totally helped with not only the texture of my skin but the dry areas and scarring appearances as well. I also started using it on my hands as they often become very chapped from over washing and house work it is truly amazing and a total cure all.

I am so impressed that I have told my sister and my mom already and they too are already in line to place orders this week. Thank you so much for inventing this product it was an answer to prayer for me! 




Thanks Dianne! Shop here for our best natural anti itch cream.