Boob sweat solutions

Scorching summer temps. Butt-kicking workouts. Nerve-racking exams.

Sweaty boobs.

Whether your sweat was triggered from the environment or hormones, it can be annoying. Boob sweat can cause redness, rashes and skin irritation. One quick and easy way to combat boob sweat is with our natural body deodorant, Freshstick.

Freshstick has 22% zinc oxide to create a natural and protective skin barrier, whisking away sweat, detoxing impurities and soothing redness so skin is calm and cool. It also tackles the boob sweat smell.

Jennifer used Bedrock Balm for under breast sweat instead of sweat powder and she said it worked better. No clumping!

Our products for breast sweat include:

Freshstick, our boob sweat deodorant. Super gentle for sensitive skin.

Bedrock Balm, our cream for sweat rash under breasts. Easy to apply!