Barrier cream for buttocks

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This is a wild skin story from Cassy in New York City:

"Earlier in the month I got these horrible boils on my bum, I believe it’s from a staph infection unfortunately. I wasn’t putting anything on it, just kept it covered and cleaned it everyday. When I started to notice it was healing, I put Bedrock Balm on them and I can’t tell you the amazing difference it has made.

It stopped all the pain so I didn't need to cover them anymore. One of the boils was  about to pop (like the others did and then eventually heal) but I put the Balm on it and it seems like it’s just going down on it’s own.

The band-aids gave me a huge red rash around where they were stuck on my skin and it was super irritated, I put Bedrock Balm on it and right away it stopped hurting. It’s honestly magical and I’m sooooo thankful.” —Cassy in NYC

So glad that Cassy had our zinc oxide barrier cream to soothe such a sensitive area. Looking for a barrier cream for buttocks? Get Bedrock Balm today.