Bedrock breaks even 🙏

Our bottom line just got brighter: Bedrock broke even!

It’s no fun to lose money every year, especially when you were delusional to think you’d recoup startup costs in the first year (I was very naive).

A year ago, our gap to green was $20k and I got mad (the good kind of mad).

Then the pandemic hit, and I didn’t know if sales would plummet.

So I cut costs. No ads. No fancy email software. No wholesale help. No influencer deals. We paid for the essentials only: products, packaging, basic apps, the website and insurance.

It all paid off (thanks to you, plus Bedrock Balm for pitching in to calm maskne) because Bedrock has officially paid back our kids college fund (kidding)!

What are you saving for? Some dreams aren’t free, so better get on it.

Time for taxes,


P.S. pssssst - Freshstick is filling as we speak. Arriving soon!