Bedrock for split end cream?!

Debbie made Bedrock history today.
She emailed us: "I found a new way to use Bedrock Balm. I put a small amount on my split ends on just one side of my hair and the results were absolutely stunning!! I took a photo because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing myself and wanted to share with you the difference that it made! (See picture below). 
I had used the Bedrock Balm on my hands & cuticles overnight and it made them so soft, so I thought why not try a little on my dry split ends. I was so amazed at the difference and just had to share!! It has been almost 10 hours since I took that picture & the ends on that side still look fantastic. They are really soft too! I had only put it on the one side so that I could see if it would last and now I can’t wait to put some on the dry & tangled side too.
I will let you know when I find new uses for this magical balm! 😊 Thank you for creating these miracle products!! They are truly amazing!!" --Debbie
We still can't believe our anti redness balm is being used as split hair cream, but hey, we love it.
Our customers are heroes and we can't get enough of your ideas. Keep them coming! If you want to try Bedrock Balm as hair cream for split ends, click here.
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