Bedrock Gives Back 2021

There was no way we could choose just ONE nomination. Everyone below got a box of Bedrock for their hometown heroes.

Thanks to Misty for nominating Fresh Salon and Spa. She said the staff wears masks all day and her hairdresser has mentioned the acne because of it. “I bet they’d REALLY appreciate Porefector from Santa.”

Thanks to Lichelle for nominating Mary Bragg Elementary school in California. “They have been working hard since day one of the pandemic - they worked day in and out to make things happen from virtual learning - to limited in person - to full on in person schooling for these wonderful children.”

Thanks to Beka for nominating Meadowdale school. “Depending on their duties, staff may wear tight-fitting N95 masks, Kn95 masks, surgical masks, or cloth face masks during the school day. I literally have staff members coming into my office telling me how their noses and faces have red indents by the end of the school day, their nose bridges hurt. It’s an exhausting year for all of us. I know many staff members that would appreciate and use the Balm for their weary faces.”

Thanks to Angie for nominating Swain County Community Hospital in North Carolina.  “This one of the first medical facilities available in the area, the hospital and area are hurting. These front line medical people need all the support they can get.”

Thanks to Georgi for nominating Dr. Olson dentist office and their hard working staff.

Thank you Angie for nominating your Cascade elementary. “As you can imagine, our staff and ALL educational staff for that matter have been through a lot through this pandemic. I would love for nothing more than to be a Santa's Helper and give my colleagues a soothing jar of magic.”

Thank you Kathy for nominating her daughter and the other RN's at St. Joseph's Hospital on the med-surg floor. “They really could use your products! Working 12 hour shifts with masks on all day and additional gear for isolation rooms.  Their facial skin is really taking a beating!”

Thank you Amy for nominating the hard working lifeguards at the Skaneateles YMCA in New York.

Thanks for spreading cheer around town. This was so much fun!

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Tis the season,


P.S. It’s not too early to think about who you’ll nominate next year.

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