Bedrock Gives Back 2022

Whoa. These stories are amazing.

Bedrock Gives Back started back during the pandemic and is the highlight of our year. Thank you for all of these nominations.

Here are the winners! 

Thanks Kaelan for gifting EverWild Forest School. “Our team of amazing teachers work hard to provide high-quality outdoor education through nature connection and place-based learning in a 100% outdoor classroom. Did I mention they work 100% outside in Idaho? 😄 I’m talking 15 degree weather in the winter, pouring rain in the spring, and 100+ degree weather in the summer… Fall is really quite lovely! Like others in the nonprofit field, self care is often placed at the bottom of the to-do list. By providing our staff with Glowstick, they can easily put these in their daypacks for class to provide a little relief and energize their skin.”

Nicole, an occupational therapist at Harborview on the psych floor nominated her “wonderful nurse co-workers who work SO HARD every day, are challenged with staffing, and continue to care about our patients and give their all. They are the best!”

Georgi gifted her local veterinarian clinic: “Dr. Edwards and staff took such good care of me in November. I lost one of my precious loves that day. He helped me through an absolutely heartbreaking time. My cat Cleo is an angel now. Losing a pet is very hard. It's like losing a family member. My pet and myself were treated with such dignity, respect and kindness. My fur children will continue to go to Green River Veterinary."

Thanks Amy who nominated her sister in law, Laura & team, a nursing home administrator where everyone still has to wear masks (MASKNE!!). As a side-bar, she just sent me a text last week asking for the name of that “awesome white stuff that we use on zits and ingrown hairs and stuff, because it’s missing from the bathroom, and it’s simply the best.” Not to ruin the surprise, but it was BEDROCK BALM! All that mask wearing, hand washing, and just the general stress, we know what that can do to skin on a good day!”

Jeni gifted her friend’s team at Friendship Bridge, a nonprofit social enterprise creating opportunities that empower women in Guatemala to build a better life. While illiteracy and poverty rates are staggering in these regions, the women they  work with are determined to create a change.

Sara’s special school: “I want to nominate Sheridan elementary and Blackhawk Care. We are a small school and before/after school care program in a small rural town in Indiana. Our system is most likely the smallest in the county and growing fast. They provide excellent services to our children and deserve any treats and support they can get!”

Greenwood Elementary got free Bedrock Balm because of Kimberly, who works there. “I have been using Bedrock Balm to treat rashes and sore spots from wearing masks and my bra and love it. My colleagues are deeply committed to the students, families, and community they serve. The work is hard and important and I think a Bedrock gift would make their day.”

Robin nominated her neighborhood: “I've lived here for 20 years and we exchange Christmas gifts every year. They are all good, gracious, and kind people - always looking out for each other. The neighborhood is filled with kids ranging from "littles" to "kids" in their 20s. For the littles and their parents, I would love to share Bedrock for all the scrapes and rashes. For the young adults, I would love to share Porefector for skin perfection!”

Beth honored Christine who is in her residency program working 12 hour shifts learning to become an excellent physician at the hospital. Christine volunteers as a leader for our church. She weekly prepares engaging activities and meaningful content for our young professionals group. Christine hopes to use medicine internally someday in under-resourced countries - her heart is huge! I think Bedrock would be a phenomenal gift during these cold months with PPE chafing.”

Donna remembers Metropolitan Veterinary. “Exactly one year ago my cat was very ill and they got me in that day. As it turned out, I had to put my cat down as he was too ill. The doctor held my hand, injected my kitty and stayed with me through the process. She cried. Not only did I get a call from her that evening and the next day to see how I was doing, the office sent me a signed card by all the technicians and staff to help me through my grieving. The whole staff deserves Bedrock products; they really have helped me get through.”

Jessica also loves her vet: “I would love for my vet, University Place Veterinary Hospital, to receive a batch of the Balm. Dr. Morrow has cared for our 5 cats over the years. I know how hard her team has worked through the pandemic and they've consistently been communicative with difficult policies. I can only imagine how many cuts and scratches vet techs and the rest of the team get on a daily basis! Bedrock Balm would work wonders for these kind-hearted souls.”

Thank you Wendy for sharing your story: “I would love to nominate my small bowel transplant team at Georgetown University Hospital for some free Bedrock. The amazing medical team there not only saved my life, but they selflessly do it for many other people time and again with no recognition. As a recipient of a transplant, I can tell you that my team put hours into my pre and post transplant care. A small bowel transplant is one of the rarest transplants done anywhere in the world, there are less than 100 done in the United States every year.  Because they are so complicated, my medical team has to make sacrifices of their own lives and times that I am beyond grateful for. They put their own lives on hold. I remember waking up in the middle of the night many times to find my surgeon in the room just making sure that I was ok. My transplant gastroenterologist is one of the most brilliant doctors I’ve ever met, and her care and compassion over this eight year journey have gotten me through incredibly hard times. My post-transplant provider, Lauren, has seen me through some of my hardest hours and still is an incredible advocate and cheerleader. The dietitian is the one who has taught me to eat again after four years of not eating, and I could go on and on. I would love to give them barrier cream for their hands which go constantly in latex gloves and hand sanitizer and Glowstick to keep them moisturized.”

Our deepest thanks to all of you who shared these stories and went out of your way to recognize these people for making a difference.

Here are some photos from when Bedrock was delivered!

skincare that gives back

skincare that gives back bedrock skincare that gives back bedrock

skincare that gives back Bedrock

skincare that gives back