Bedrock goes to Croatia ⚓️

I finally got the nerve to leave the states. For the first time (4 ½ years), I left Bedrock orders to be fulfilled without me and went to Croatia.

As with all of our family vacations, especially with two kids, Bedrock came along. I didn’t know what we would need it for, but boy, did we need it.

We used the entire jar in two weeks.

In Split, we used the Balm for ant bites.

In Rovinj, we used the Balm for heat rash.

In Plitvice Lakes, we used the Balm for mosquito bites.

In Pula, we used the Balm for redness.

In Hvar, we used the Balm for sea urchin pricks.

In Dubrovnik, we used the Balm for swimsuit chafing.

Bedrock Balm kept our skin calm and I’m not just saying that because I sell it.

Bedrock is one of our travel skincare essentials.

I use it daily and depend on it.



P.S. Where have fresh sardines been all my life? They are delicious. I tried to eat a plate a day and now I’m going through withdrawals.

P.P.S. Croatia was awesome and I highly recommend it!

P.P.P.S. Bedrock is the BEST travel skincare. Buy it here.

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