Bedrock switching to compostable skincare packaging

Big news: Bedrock is switching to compostable skincare packaging.

I grew up where sustainability was life. We lived on five acres, away from paved roads, garbage pick-up or mail service. My school bus stop was a half-mile away (walked there in sun, sleet, snow, sob).

Since we had to actually DRIVE to the dump to get rid of garbage, and my mom cooked clean, was frugal and eco-minded, we had very little waste.

I was the kid in school with the Care Bears lunch box full of tupperware. No baggies in sight.

All of this has influenced how I want Bedrock to behave.

We know that single-use plastic has become a crisis and Bedrock doesn’t want to be a part of it.

In 2022, I’m committing to bringing you our redness cream, zinc pimple cream, mineral deodorant and our new moisturizer stick in paper push-up tubes.

I’m going to prove that you can have AWESOME skincare staples that happen to be compostable.

Are you in?

A good planet is hard to find,


P.S. Big Balm, our anti redness face cream in a new 1 oz size, is here to stay along with the coming soon Balm in-a-stick.