Bedrock teams up with Nurses Inspire Nurses | Founder Interview

We love road trips and Nurses Inspire Nurses is taking one next week to the Midwest to encourage and lift up nurses. To support their community, resources, and events for nurses, Bedrock sent hundreds of anti redness cream samplers to include in their "inspiration kits", which are free gifts to fellow nurses.

We can't wait for them to pass them out in person!

We caught up with Cat, their founder, to learn more about her.
What’s an easy thing you do to save 10 minutes a day? 
Power hour! Set a timer on your phone for one hour and pick whatever task that needs to be done. Cleaning, emails, homework, etc. Leave your phone down and only do that task. It's insane what you can get done in an hour with a timer going. This definitely has to save more than ten minutes!
What setback in your life turned into a set-up? 
Getting divorced. It was terrible at the time and the lowest point of my life but once I lost everything it allowed me to grow, figure out who I was and take risks.

How did you get started with Nurses Inspire Nurses? 
I started hosting meet-ups to support nurses and create a safe place that allowed them to be themselves. I then hosted a nurse party (our annual Nurse Giveback Night) and put Nurses Inspire Nurses on a t-shirt on a complete whim and here we are!
Best thing about you | what’s your superpower?
My energy. It's my greatest strength and superpower. I am crazy about it and manage my time and take my energy so seriously. When people meet in person they always comment on my energy.
Best thing that’s yet to come? 
No clue what it is but it's coming to me. I'm an eternal optimist and I want to make every day better than the last.
What’s your best Bedrock Balm tip? 
Consistency! With any skin products you must be dedicated. I'm feeling this especially as I age. Skincare has become a much bigger priority in my life.
To learn more about Nurses Inspire Nurses, visit their website or Instagram.
Thanks Cat!
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