Bee sting cream

Need cream to put on bee stings?

Margie wrote:

"Last Thursday a bee stung me at the base of my middle left finger at the joint. I immediately got the stinger out and wasn't bothered at all, hardly. It was just a little red and swollen.
For some reason though, it became very swollen, red, itchy, and irritated last night and this morning. So, this morning I remembered to put some Bedrock Balm on it!
Sure enough, ta da!! It's only been a couple hours and the redness and irritation are gone. Thank you for using God's creation and elements to help heal our bodies!"
If you are looking for the best ointment for bee stings, get Bedrock Balm. With 20% zinc oxide, our redness cream soothes bumps, bites and irritation. It also calms the itch!