Acne pictures before and after

"My skin completely changed after I had a baby, especially after I turned 30 in October. I have acne I can't get rid of and I feel like I've tried everything!"

That's Gina, who slid into our Bedrock DM's and needed the best cream for acne prone skin. She bought Porefector, our zinc oxide cream for pimples, and got fantastic results.

Porefector is our anti blemish cream that dries up surface blemishes and works to minimize pores. Our blemish corrector worked quickly to even her skin tone, calm redness and smooth bumps. Check out her hormonal acne before and after photos below.

She shares her clear complexion tip: "I started using Porefector the day I got it. I would put it on after I washed my face in the morning and after I washed my face at night. Now, since I'm cleared up, I'll put Porefector on random spots that might pop up (that basically clear up overnight which is amazing)."

Check out Gina's before and after pictures below. Click here to find out more about our zinc cream for pimples, Porefector.

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