Best barrier cream for dry skin | YouTube review

Check out this helpful YouTube review about Bedrock Balm, the best barrier cream for hands, with tips and tricks from Justyne for how to soothe extremely dry skin.


We caught up with Justyne, the creator behind Blondie Brand in Seattle to learn a little bit more about her Blondie Brand. 

What's your best home hack?

My best home hack is to keep everything organized! I personally like to use boxes and storage containers to organize makeup/beauty products, my kids' toys, crafting and art supplies, you name it! When everything has a specific place to go it makes cleaning up so much simpler, and helps hide any clutter!

What’s an easy thing you do to save 10 minutes a day?

An easy thing I do to save 10 minutes a day is to prepare lunches (and sometimes even breakfast) at night! I like to make my kids' lunches at night especially! After they go to bed I'll prepare everything in containers and put it in the fridge for the next day.  Muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls are also a great breakfast treat to bake before going to bed!

How did you get started with YouTube?

I've been watching YouTube ever since middle school, especially videos that were about makeup and beauty. As I got older and began to wear makeup more often I realized that I didn't always agree with product reviews that I saw on the site. I wanted to make my channel to share my own opinions and techniques for doing makeup. I have very dry skin and at the time mattifying products were "in," but they did not work for my skin type at all. I wanted to help other people who may have been having the same experience.  Over the years my channel has evolved to be more lifestyle content, specifically my motherhood journey, but I still make time every week to talk about makeup and beauty.

What's the impact you want to leave?

I really want to help people feel more confident. Whether that's feeling confident in how they look, dress, or parent their children. I think so many of us, myself included, often make ourselves smaller in fear of judgment from others, and I want to help inspire people to be unapologetically themselves.

Biggest beauty botch?

My biggest beauty botch was box bleaching my own hair back in college. I wanted to have platinum hair, and bleached it twice in the same day! I got the color I wanted, but it left my hair super weak and damaged!

What’s your best Bedrock Balm tip?

My best Bedrock Balm tip is to take a little bit of product and gently press it into any dry patches you have! I particularly get dry patches on the apples of my cheeks, and pressing the product instead of rubbing helps prevent wrinkles! 

How was your skin like before Bedrock Balm? After?

Before bedrock my skin was incredibly dry, rough, and sometimes even flaky.  I also have very sensitive skin and have to be careful with which products I use, or it could burn, dry out my skin even worse, or cause an allergic reaction. Since starting to use Bedrock Balm my dry patches go away quickly, and I'm left with smooth, soft skin. I don't need to worry about my skin looking red or irritated after I use Bedrock Balm either, because it is so gentle! 

You can find Blondie Brand on insta or her YouTube channel here. We're so glad that Justyne found the best barrier cream for hands and skin, Bedrock Balm.