Best cream for teething rash on face

Need a cream for newborn face rash?

Britt wrote on her order:

"I’ve used Bedrock Balm in the past but my sister is a huge fan and always has been.

My son (8 months old) had a saliva rash on his neck that I have used all the recommended over the counter products on and it wasn’t getting any better.

I was about to make another appointment with his pediatrician for a prescription of some sort to help but my sister suggested trying Bedrock when I was at her house one day.

We used it just once and it’s now 2 days later and his rash is almost completely GONE! Seriously so amazing.

I’m buying it to keep on hand again!"


Britt, thanks for the baby story. We agree that Bedrock Balm is the best cream for newborn face rash.

If you are looking for an infant face rash cream check out our gentle Balm.