Best deodorant for sensitive armpits

Kathleen shared her journey to find the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin. She started with Dove, and then eventually found our women's deodorant for sensitive skin, Freshstick.

She wrote: "I am a woman who’s sweats even when I am cold. And I am not one of those delicate flowers that never gets body odor. Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin and for years the only deodorant I could use was Dove. I have tried many natural deodorants but until recently could not find any that did not give me a horrendous rash.

Recently I have found two products, Lume and Freshstick, that do not cause the burn-like reaction I get with other products. I liked the Lume in that I didn’t get body odor but I felt that it interacted with my underarm chemistry in a way that made me smell like onions (my husband says I am the only one who can smell this). I found that it also works very well in the bikini area and on the feet and it was easy to apply to those areas.

I feel that the Freshstick outperforms Lume in terms of controlling underarm odor. I love the fact that it is completely in cardboard, and I am trying very hard to decrease my plastic usage. The only drawback, one that I’ve seen on many other reviews, is that it can be a little difficult to apply. I have not tried to use it on my feet but I have used it on my privates with no irritation/rash. Overall, I will be buying this again."

Kathleen, thank you for your honest and heart-warming review. We're glad that Freshstick doesn't make you smell like onions! Good work using our natural deodorant for private parts. We made it all-purpose for exactly that. 

If you need deodorant for sensitive armpits, click here. 

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