Best foot cream for cracked heels 2020

dry flaky heels using bedrock balm intense moisturizer soft skin natural

I’m heading to Vegas with my ladygang on Friday.

Along with my outfit dilemma (the gold sequin pantsuit or the skorts?), I am doing a head-to-toe inventory on my winter skin carnage from the dry, cold weather.

One issue immediately apparent was my heels. My heels are dry and flaky, they crave an identity protection plan inside thick socks and rain boots. Time to overhaul them for heels and flip flops.

I knew I had to act fast, and fortunately, I remembered Maria, an all-star Bedrock customer last year. She spring-breaked in Europe and NYC, and when she came back, she had thick dry skin on feet. I mean, look at her picture!

Can you relate? Do you have dry dull skin? Are your heels so rough they hurt the loved ones you snuggle with? It’s time to jump into an intensive skin care program staring zinc oxide and botanicals with our best cream for dry cracked feet.

The regime is simple: for the next 7 days, apply Bedrock Balm on your heels before bed. It’s so pleasant, you won’t even need socks or booties. Next evening, repeat. By day three, you should be feeling more softness. And a week later? Well, look at Maria’s feet!

Out of Bedrock Balm for dry skin on heels? Buy it here.

Happy spring,


P.S. - Besides using our cream for hard skin on feet, what other skin hacks have you tried with Bedrock? Let me know for goodness sake!