best natural deodorant for sensitive skin

Maria, mom of two boys, tech recruiter, sunset + salty breeze lover, sent this email our way and we just had to share it with you.

For anyone that needs a deodorant for sensitive armpits - this is the review for you to read!

For the last two decades, I’ve tried it all: clinical overnight formulas and natural feel-good balm deodorants. I had resigned myself to a life of borderline sweat and smell. But then, I fell in love with Bedrock Balm enough to give your zinc deo a go.
It was August, peak sweat/smell/tank season. My expectations were low. Yet, within two days, I still had zero smell. And in a completely surprise twist, my chronic red rashy pits were no longer... rashy. I tested the limits.
I used Freshstick immediately after shaving (rash pit sufferers would never). ZERO irritation. I almost Instagrammed my armpits. Instead (phew), I’m writing this love note: Freshstick, your unicorn magic has somehow erased my sweat/smell/rash trifecta. I will forever raise a glass to you, even while wearing a tank.” -- Maria
Thanks Maria for sharing all the details. We're thrilled our zinc based deodorant makes your skin happy.