Best natural deodorant for teens

Searching for the best deodorant for teens?

Set your school day up for success with Freshstick, our teenage natural deodorant that goes on easy and ends up clear. The plant-based formula combats sweat and impurities while powerhouse ingredients like matcha green tea and 22% zinc oxide soothe redness and bumps, keeping skin soft and smooth. Infused with antioxidants like matcha green tea, eggplant and basil, you stay clean and confident all day long.

Freshstick is sensitive skin deodorant, free of aluminum, alcohol, baking soda and other common irritants. Our healthy deodorant is compostable, vegan, and certified cruelty-free.

Katie is in high school and runs cross country - check out her review below! Click here to learn more about our safe deodorant for teens.

best natural deodorant for teens freshstick