Best night cream for even skin tone

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep and we can improve yours.

Bedrock Balm works magic overnight as a night cream to replenish and renew complexions.

Our Balm is packed with powerful antioxidants and minerals that nourish skin, leading to fewer visible wrinkles and dark spots, and a more toned complexion over time.

3 top reasons to start using Bedrock Balm as a night cream:

1. It doesn’t evaporate like water-based moisturizers -- key when your skin is exposed to the environment. Organic Jojoba Seed Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil help retain moisture and provide a long-acting dose of hydration.

2. Works to firm and fortify your skin’s barrier with natural oils like Grapeseed, Lavender and Vitamin E.

3. Promotes even skin tone and calms redness with anti-inflammatory properties from zinc oxide.

To power charge your complexion overnight, we recommend our even tone night cream, Bedrock Balm for $40 and use it every other night to start.

Susan said: “I use this on my face at night diluted with my Grape and castor oil and by morning the redness is gone, and it brightens my face from the dark spots.”

Amy said: “My son has always had sensitive areas on his face that flare up. I am finally able to ditch the steroid cream prescribed by my doctor. I apply Bedrock Balm at night and the redness is cleared up the next morning.”

Sweet dreams,


P.S. Your face will take on a white zinc hue when using the Balm as a night cream. We call this look “night bright.”

P.P.S. Heather in Canada gave us another nickname for the look, “not tonight, honey”.