Best skin barrier cream | How to protect skin with N95 mask

Wearing a N95 mask all day? Are you looking for the best skincare for redness? Do you need a moisturizer for redness? Is your face getting irritated and bumpy under a mask? 

You're in the right place and we can help.

Sarah wrote in: "I'm a speech-pathologist working in a rehabilitation hospital, and for the past 6 weeks or so, have been required to wear surgical masks at all times.

As we begin to treat post-COVID patients, I am also having to wear much tighter fitting N95 masks for 1-2 hours a day. I've noticed the last 2-3 weeks my face has been breaking out with no relief. Initially I wrote it off as hormones, but now I can't deny that the breakouts are exactly where my masks sit all day. I have sensitive skin to begin with, and after doing some research, the masks can cause excess moisture to build up among other things that can lead to irritation/breakouts.

All that to say, any thoughts on if Bedrock Balm or Porefector would be better in this situation? My guess was Porefector, but wanted to check with the expert first :)

Thanks for the help in advance,


-------------------Here was our Bedrock reply:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your note. That sounds so uncomfortable, glad you found us. I’ve been hearing from many nurses and docs wearing masks like 12 hours straight and seeing their skin deteriorate (and using Bedrock to combat it).

Normally, for regular breakouts, I’d recommend Porefector. It’s got the highest zinc in it for drying up surface blemishes, but this is a different situation. Your skin is being covered up all day, which is why it's breaking out.

I recommend Bedrock Balm to protect skin under a face mask. It will soothe your skin with barrier protection from zinc oxide.

Along with the zinc, it has Vitamin E and other nourishing oils to get rid of red irritated skin on face. You can also use it all over your body, especially if you have cracked skin on hands from washing. It’s also bigger and will last longer while using it daily.

You can definitely experiment, but I would apply a light layer of our barrier protectant cream all over your lower face where the masks covers in the morning. Blend it all the way in, and apply any moisturizer or favorites on top. Do the same with your hands, morning and night.

Keep me posted!

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Rachel at Bedrock

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