Best skin care for maskne

We know that working long hours with a face shield or face mask, especially in the healthcare industry can cause painful maskne.  

Victoria wrote to us:

"Bedrock Balm has saved face!! As a healthcare worker, COVID and the masks wrecked my skin, Bedrock Balm has helped me heal it and make it even better than it was before. I will be a customer forever and always :) "

Bedrock Balm is our zinc barrier cream. This redness cream provides gentle skin barrier protection along with fruit and plant oils that deeply nourish distressed skin.

Bedrock Balm is best for: maskne around mouth, nose maskne, severe maskne, maskne around nose, maskne on jawline, maskne cheeks and maskne on forehead.

If you're looking for a maskne remedy, apply Bedrock Balm overnight and during the day under your face mask. It's the best thing for maskne!

best thing for maskne bedrock balm