All in one balm | YouTube video review

Struggling to find a natural spot cream that works? Special YouTube treat for you today: Dana is a licensed aesthetician & professional makeup up artist and shares her best tips for natural acne treatments. From green tea to aloe you don't want to miss it!


We caught up with Dana for a little fun Q&A:

What’s an easy thing you do to save 10 minutes a day?

---Prep my breakfast the night before i.e. prep coffee pot so I can just hit start in the am. I also prep my breakfast food. Usual suspects are hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt with oatmeal with cut up apples in a mason jar. Let sit in fridge over night. Grab and go in the am.... so yummy + healthy! 

How do you hack running a successful business?

---Time management & time blocking. I live by my calendar. If its not in the calendar I forget to do it. I pencil in work outs, research time for projects, working on/YouTube videos, etc... Everything single thing I do in a day is penciled in the calendar. Time blocking will optimize your day so you work efficiently and effectively. 

What setback in your life turned into a set-up? 

---Not knowing hot to edit videos. Whew!!! What a task. Editing was incredibly intimidating to me. I am NOT  a tech savvy person so I keep putting it off. I finally had to roll up my sleeves and do it. Now that I know how to edit my own videos I am self reliant and have added another skills to my resume.... DEF a "Life Set Up" since we are now living in a digital world. 

How did you get started with YouTube? 

---Starting my own YoutTube channel was a dream of mine for almost 10 yrs. I finally just did it one day knowing it wouldn't be perfectly shot, perfectly edited, or fancy to start with... I had to accept that and remind myself that "practice makes perfect". You have to start somewhere! I am also super grateful for my family & friends that have encouraged me and supported me along the way. 

What’s the impact you want to leave?

---Empower woman! Having amazing skin is easier than you think. You know what they say "knowledge is power". I want to provide people with free and easily accessible information on how to take care of their skin. 

Biggest beauty botch?

---lol... ummm my eyebrows at 22 yrs old! I'm so happy the "thin eyebrow" has retired!

Best thing about you | what’s your superpower?

---I'm a pretty mean cook. Many people don't know that about me. I love to cook. It's super therapeutic to me. You will find me in the kitchen on a stressful day. 

I never thought that I would:

…Have a YouTube channel... but here I am :)

Biggest comeback?

---Thick/full brows! Amen!

What’s your best Bedrock tip?

---Great to use as a base under your makeup. It totally blurs out your pores!

What’s your fav Bedrock skin win? 

---Porefector is an excellent as a zit zap treatment. Dab a little on a blemish and its 80% diminished within like 48 hrs. 

How was your skin like before Bedrock Balm? After? 

---Because I am an aesthetician I take really good care of my skin. My skin is (usually) always in great shape except for a hormonal breakout from time to time,  or during stressful times I get eczema flare ups. I've really enjoyed Bedrock Balm because it's an all in one balm that can help treat my hormonal breakout or eczema flare up. This allows me to not need 20 different products in my skincare regimen... Bedrock Balm is literally an all in one balm! I'm loving it.

To find or follow Dana, visit instagram @danawaldie or her YouTube channel here.

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