Best thing for a raw nose

The fall cold and flu season is rolling in. Blowing your nose with raw skin? Looking for raw nose relief?

Marcy said:

"I just suffered through 2 weeks of the flu-despite ALL my good habits. Your lotion stick helped my poor chafed nose and lips that were red and raw.

I cut a little wedge off my Glowstick, warmed it in my palm, and used it to smooth on my nose and lips many times per day. I didn't want to "contaminate" my whole stick. I also mixed a little almond oil into it and warmed it a little when my skin was so raw it hurt to put anything on it.

I also cut a small wedge and mixed in some peppermint essential oil, and dabbed on my forehead and base of my throat. It was the perfect carrier because it soaks in so nice without being greasy; sheets and pillows were not ruined or stained.

It has helped me heal so much over the last week, as I am finally on the mend and not blowing my nose quite as much. Thanks a million again, for putting your heart into such a great product!"

If you need the best thing for raw nose use our solid moisturizer, Glowstick. With zinc oxide and nourishing botanicals, this lotion for raw nose will calm and soothe your skin.

Look no further on how to help a raw nose! Glowstick is super soothing for a dry raw nose. Click here to find our stick skincare.   
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