Best travel size skincare

Your summer vacation is coming up and you have lots of insurance options.

You can buy rental car insurance. Flight insurance. Medical insurance. Evacuation Insurance. Stolen luggage insurance.

But what about those personal problems? A precious moment with heat bumps? A majestic sunset with flaring rosacea? A fabulous sundress with flaky dry heels?

Bedrock Balm is the best trip insurance you can buy for $23.50. It will cover you for accidental sun exposure. It will forgive you for biking accidents with cuts or scrapes. Zero liability for bikini bumps or razor burn. It will even cover you for forgetting deodorant.

The Balm is made for travel. The size is TSA friendly. Works for the entire family.

There are some things money can’t buy. For skin insurance, use our anti redness cream Bedrock Balm.

Anchors away,


P.S We want to hear about your summer travels with Bedrock. Email with a story or picture so we can feature it on the Bedrock blog!

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