Big news - Bedrock HQ is moving!

Big news! Bedrock HQ is moving to Bend, Oregon.

We sold our city house in Seattle and moved six hours away to a small 100,000-person town called Bend, Oregon.

It’s cute. You’d like it. It has mountains for my husband, bike trails for my son, river floats for my daughter, forest bathing for me, good coffee and high desert vibes. It also has 300 days of sun (free solar therapy).

Bend embraces the Bedrock brand: it’s down to earth, friendly, cheerful, outdoorsy and adventurous.

You’ll soon start to see our new return address on your Bedrock packages and product labels.

Going big for Bend,


P.S. Bedrock mountain merch needs to happen. If you want to be on my design committee for input, email us at

P.P.S. The photo below is Mount Bachelor where we'll be skiing next winter.


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