Body lotion stick launch! 2 for $24 🎈

Announcing Glowstick, our hydrating oil stick, to the Bedrock family.

Glowstick’s birth took eight months longer than expected, with minor printing and formulation complications, but everyone is healthy and safe. Siblings Bedrock Balm, Porefector and Freshstick are super happy and doting over Glowstick.

Enjoy our celebration and get 2 lotion sticks for $24 for three days only.

Glowstick is the best hydration stick. You can use it as a moisturizing stick for body, hydrating face stick, a solid hand cream, cracked heel balm hydration stick or dry irritated patches on face.

Our 2 for 1 sale is PERFECT to boost your bestie’s day, appreciate a new teacher, favorite stylist, dentist or postal worker. I just gifted one to my son’s summer baseball coach, my new bookkeeper and my daughter’s orthodontist. Sharing is caring.

Thanks for your excitement and love notes about this launch.

You all are the BEST part about Bedrock.

Go buy Glowstick, our moisture balm stick!

Glowing with gratitude,


P.S. The Glowstick launch party ends 8/19/22. No code needed. Free USA shipping applies. Glowstick does have a 6-month shelf life, so heads-up if you stock up your personal stash.

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