cpap nose cream for cpap sores

CPAP pressure sores? If you're looking for a cream for cpap irritation because you have a sore nose from nasal pillows, check this out.

Laura had a CPAP nose sore and sent us this note:

"I’m using a CPAP machine and can only survive with using Bedrock Balm all around my nose. CPAP nose pillows are super uncomfortable but I can survive if I slather my nostrils with it. I sleep throughout the night that way." - Laura

If you have nasal pillow nose irritation, a nose sore from CPAP pillows, or CPAP nose chafing, put our zinc oxide barrier cream for adults Bedrock Balm to work! This cpap barrier cream has 20% zinc oxide and soothing botanicals to protect and nourish your skin while you sleep.

Always check with your doctor if you have any questions or want to confirm the ingredient list with them.