Cracked lid? I've got you.

Cracked lids happen so let me help! 

Email us at hello@bedrockskin if you need a new Balm OR Porefector lid and I’ll send one over.

My sister Beth made me think of this - she needed a new lid after traveling the world. She was in Albania when COVID hit and decided to stay eight more months.

Beth ordered Bedrock when it launched, but didn’t “get” what Bedrock could do (bless her heart). I asked her for a review and didn’t hear back. Later she admitted she didn’t know what to use it for.

Well, after a year overseas with little luggage and Bedrock Balm, she gets it now! 

Here’s her list of what she used Bedrock for: bug bites, stinging nettles, bee stings, foot funk, blackberry bush scratches, dog bite scars, razor burn, windburn, chapped knuckles, a weird bump on her arm, and a hot pan ouchie.

Bedrock wherever you go,


P.S. Are you heading to sunshine soon? Melissa just reported using the Balm for soothing sunburn during her Cabo trip.