Cream for burn marks

What do you do if Neosporin isn't working fast enough?

We got this email from Kathryn in Oregon, who needed anti burn cream.

"Rachel, just gotta tell you!  I burned my hand good about 10 days ago.  It hurt like heck! I took good care of it with Neosporin and a bandaid but after the initial scab rubbed off in my sleep on about day 5, I couldn’t get the wound to really start healing for anything! So I thought, what the heck, let’s try Bedrock Balm! This picture is after just over 24 hours of treating it three times with Bedrock Balm. It’s definitely healed and now the repair work and scar healing can start! Thank you!!"

Kathryn, fast thinking and we hope your hand heals quickly. Ouch!

Click here to get Bedrock Balm, our cream for burn marks. We also have a mini skincare sampler of our burn aid cream for $5.

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