Cream for raw skin

Do you need to know how to protect raw skin?

We got this anonymous message from a VERY caring granddaughter and had to share it:

"My mother in law had a severe stroke and we’re taking care of her at my house. She drools out of the right side of her mouth almost continuously. Her poor skin was raw from it, all the way down her neck.

She finally agreed to let me use Bedrock Balm on it and within days it cleared up! It’s been a few weeks now and she’s had no problems, not even any redness when food or drool has sat on her skin all night.

It has made such an amazing improvement on her skin! She’s very fragile and prone to infection. Having open, raw skin was a disaster waiting to happen. Bedrock Balm has fixed this problem for us! Thank you." - anonymous

To soothe redness, use our cream for raw irritated skin, Bedrock Balm.