Cruelty free men's deodorant

Think you need a high powered antiperspirant? Think again.

This story is from Chris in California who converted to our all natural deodorant for men.

"I’m a late 30’s male who sweats profusely from his pits. Like, I need to wear undershirts every day no matter what to keep from ruining all my shirts. So, I have always needed to use a high powered antiperspirant. Those left my pits pretty irritated on a regular basis, so a few years ago, I switched to woman’s Secret antiperspirant. That made my pits feel much better so I stuck with it. 

My daughter bought Freshstick from Bedrock and left it counter one day. After smelling, it, I decided to try it (shh, don’t tell her). While I definitely sweated more that day than I normally would with antiperspirant, I decided that maybe I need to stop using all those crazy chemicals and try this natural deodorant instead. After a few months of using it, I realized how much less irritated my pits were. I didn’t even know that Secret was still making my pits “upset” until I used this deodorant. I also noticed that my pits have lost the weird yellow tint my skin use to have. I didn’t even think it was possible to change that.

I have since decided to use a high powered roll on antiperspirant like Certain Dri once a week coupled with this deodorant every day. It works great. I hardly sweat, my pits aren’t irritated, and I don’t stink.

I would have given it a rating of 4 stars because I hate the packaging. I appreciate trying to solve the plastic crisis, but the package needs work. Thankfully a friend told me to squeeze the bottom of the tube instead of having to “finger” it every day. That makes it much more bearable, so I’ll keep it a 5."

Thank you Chris. We're thrilled to hear your armpits aren't irritated and don't have that yellow discoloration.

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