Daily Mom likes our zinc deo

The holidays are just around the corner and Daily Mom curated some amazing brands to help your holiday style. As Daily Mom said, the year "doesn't have to end with face masks and sweats." Ha! 

Here's the Daily Mom list of beauty products including our deodorant that lasts all day, that are sure to spice up your holidays. You'll see Freshstick on the list, our zinc oxide deodorant for sensitive skin. 

Heather just reviewed our all body deodorant:

"My husband has sensitive skin. So sensitive that it has gotten to a point where he couldn't wear deodorant unless 'absolutely necessary'. He had a terrible underarm rash that was super itchy.

Well, I had watched the launch of Freshstick and sort of waited to see what people thought of it. The reviews were good so I ordered two. One for him and one for me. Within two days my husband said he really liked it, and not just once! He said it a few times!

So far, after a week of use, he has had no irritations or reactions to it.

Perks: neither him nor I stink! And that's important. I love the smell of the Freshstick too! It goes on nice and smooth and stays fresh all day. I also like the fact that it's all natural ingredients.
Cons: Not a huge fan of the push up stick. I was fighting with it to stay up while putting it on since the squeezing recommendation just wasn't working for me. BUT I think I've got it figured by keeping my finger in the tube while applying so it's not 'really' an issue now.
For anyone reading this, don't let my issues deter you from trying it! It's worth it and I totally recommend it. It does what it's supposed to and smells great while doing it! I'm already a fan of Bedrock Balm and Porefector, we are now three for three." 


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