Deodorant doesn't work?

Anyone have a drawer of discarded deodorant? Melissa reviews our paper deodorant, Freshstick:

Melissa said: “I have tried so many natural deodorants in the past few years. I went to my drawer to see how many I currently still have sitting around that don't work --there were 5 in there! Yikes. 

I ended up using my husband's "toxic" deo for my smelly pits until I found Freshstick. 

As I have gotten a little older, I have found that I sweat quite a lot and chasing all my grandchildren around really adds to my sweating! I put on Freshstick after my shower the first night, and the next day there were no smelly pits! And every day since, no smell. You really passed my test, and I am so happy.”

Over your over-scented antiperspirant? Put Freshstick to the test. Buy our zinc deodorant and if it doesn’t work for you, we'll send your money back. 

Irene said “I have Lyme and mycotoxin sensitivities. I was in a lot of pain under my arms. Freshstick helped to heal the raw skin, moisturize, and my body can handle it well.”

“I have been using Freshstick for 2 full sticks now and it has been over a year! Each stick lasted more than 6 months of daily use.” -- Christine B